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helical pier systems in Edmonton

Helical piles are fantastic options for a number of residential and commercial purposes, not just limited to the home itself. Screw piles can be beneficial to residential needs thanks to their ease of installation, their cost effectiveness and their overall versatility. Whether you’re in the first stages of building a home, and need a reliable and affordable foundation option, or you are expanding your residency in some way, screw piles could be the solution to a number of obstacles that could arise. Our team are attentive and meticulous. You can guarantee that when you trust us with your important home project, you’ll be receiving personal care and relentless expertise.

Screw Piles in the Home
Stability is the foremost concern of anyone building a home. Subsequently, there is absolutely no room for the use of lacklustre foundations. Screw piles offer unparalleled soundness in building structures like this; however, this is not exclusively due to their physical strength. As a result of the base helix plate, your screw piles will be deeply anchored, below the frost line. By using screw piles, you insure your home against the threatening effects of frost heaving.

Outdoor Uses of Screw Piles
Outside of the home, helical piles can be of great use in building a number of different structures. In your garden, you may be looking to expand in the form of decking, a terrace, a garden shed or maybe even simply a mailbox. Whilst these are all different items, they all command a common desire from their owner – minimal cost and minimal damage to their surrounding. By using low-cost screw piles to implement these things, the damage to your yard or lawn will be unnoticeable. This is not only a plus for aesthetics but it also means that there will be no refurbishment costs, following our work, a huge benefit when compared to other foundation types.

Mobile Homes
Mobile homes are structures that have no basement which means that they need to make use of another, stable foundation. They furthermore, are designed to be easily moved should their owner want to. By employing the use of screw piles, neither one of these concerns are problematic. Screw piles are deeply anchored, below the frost line; meaning that your home will not be subject to frost heave. Moreover, this type of foundation is installed and removed with ease and speed. If you are someone who is likely to relocate their home, helical piles guarantee a hassle-free transition.

Frost Heaving and Foundations
Within the province of Alberta, we experience changing weather and are well accustomed to colder conditions. This does not however diminish the reality of frost heaving. Frost heaving is where soil swells and moves upwards due to the freezing and thawing in the ground below. If foundations are improperly implemented, above the frost line, your house could be threatened. Severe damage could be done and you could see costs far greater than just the foundations themselves. Our screw piles are deeply rooted, with their base helix plate below the frost line. Using our equipment, your house will be protected from any potential damages caused by frost heaving.

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