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Screw piles, when compared to other types of foundation, are installed with ease and efficiency. As a result of the way they are constructed, these types of foundations can be wound into the ground in a simple, circular motion. They are designed to be deeply anchored, with a helix plate at their base and below the frostline. There is no particularly specialist equipment needed to implement our helical screw and so installation can be done just about anywhere with relative simplicity.

Installation of Screw Pile Foundation

Installation Process
Screw piles can easily be installed in variety of different builds, employing much the same process for all different scales of structure. First, the best suited type of pile will be chosen by our expert team. This is generally dictated by the location of your site and the weight that needs to be supported. The chosen helical pile will then be rotated into the ground, in the same way a screw is wound into a piece of wood. Using performance equipment, the screws will be erected without disrupting the surrounding terrain, with little to no vibration. The ease of installation is the reason so many of our customers have chosen to make use of our piles. As simply as that, screw piles are secure and stable and ready to be built upon.

Ground and Soil
The soil in Alberta can be notoriously difficult to work with and is subject to changing weather conditions. This could be a threat to other types of foundation, such as concrete foundations, however due to the functionality of our helical piles, that issue is nullified, entirely. If your build is in an area of poor-quality terrain, the best solution is to employ the use of screw piles. By measuring the appropriate torque needed in turning the screw, the weak soil can be worked through, without disrupting it or causing damage. When a strong layer of earth is reached, beneath the surface, our screw piles can take root. The helix plate, at the base, ensures the integrity of the newly laid foundation.

Equipment Needed
One of the key advantages of using screw piles is that they can be installed without using any necessarily specialist pieces of equipment. This keeps costs low whilst empasising the versatility of our products. If you’re someone who lives in a more rural or less easily accessed area, the need of expansive machinery doesn’t limit our ability to deliver our services to you. The tools that we do make use of are comprised of efficient machinery. Using precisely calculated methods, the screw pile is fitted with rotary hydraulic equipment, without discrepancy and with minimal impact to surroundings.

When making use of concrete foundations, a certain amount of digging and excavation needs to be done, in order to build. It is a time consuming and messy process. On the other hand, screw piles are implemented quickly, efficiently and tidily. If you’re needing a fast solution to your foundation needs or require a method with the least mess and disruption possible, screw piles are unequivocally the finest choice for you.

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