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Underpinning can be a cost-effective and reliable solution to strengthening the current foundations of any existing home. Over time, it is inevitable that the ground below your house can begin to degrade. This can be critically threatening the integrity of your home, with potential movement and shifting. By underpinning your home, once again the foundations will be stable and you will increase the longevity of your house significantly. By adopting our underpinning service, with our helical piles, you can guarantee that your home will be the most secure that it possibly can be.

The process of underpinning is straightforward, with our helical piles, and so there is no reason to put off structurally insuring your home. Our deep anchor piles extend well beneath your house, to reach a stronger layer of earth. If the soil is loose and weak then there is no basis for the foundations to work against, and the issue of movement isn’t resolved. The benefit of employing our foundations is that they can reach far enough down to compact earth and rock, far stronger than materials closer to the surface. Moreover, screw piles are versatile and quick to install. Your foundation refurbishment will be carried out in the least disruptive way and in the shortest amount of time.

Diversity and Efficiency
Whilst there are a number of ways to underpin your home, many of these are restricted by the ground type or the space available on your land. Screw piles are not limited by the ground below your home, are not confined by restricted access and are not halted by a polluted environment. Undeniably, helical piles are straightforward to install in just about any condition, meaning that we are able to help just about anyone in any situation. They can be built in a very short amount of time and very efficiently, meaning you can have full access to your plot sooner than with other foundation types.

Structural Benefits
By underpinning your home, you secure it against the movement that is constantly occurring beneath your feet. Your home becomes more structurally sound and its security will be ensured for a much greater time. However, the benefits don’t stop with the ground below. More often than not, foundations degrade differently and to different levels, meaning your home may not be evenly levelled. Underpinning means your floors will be squared and straightened, from corner to corner. This is especially noticeable in basements, and in some more extreme cases, this can mean a previously unusable one is completely salvaged. Moreover, any plumbing, electrics or insulation are now much easier to access and your safety in doing so, is no longer a risk.

Cost Effective
Underpinning is possibly one of the most worthwhile investments you can give your home, especially when using our screw piles. With little damage to the property and relative ease of installation, it can be a fairly economic solution. And whilst you will be saving money by employing our services, you will also be adding significant value to your home. It is not particularly common to find homes that have been underpinned and so were you to sell your home, the added security and stability would translate into added capital worth. You can take peace of mind in knowing that you will not be wasting a penny in underpinning your home.

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