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Screw Pile Installation

screw pile installation

Screw piles or Helical Piers are the superior foundation choice over most other building alternative in the Edmonton area. If you’re looking to repair or build a foundation using helical screw piles, then we can help. Our products are:

  • Economical
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Non-invasive

This makes screw anchors the ideal choice for your next construction project. Our installation pros provide the very best in engineered piling foundation installation or foundation repair at amazing value.

screw pile installation Edmonton

Screw Piles Edmonton

With the type of soil conditions found in and around the City of Champions, building a lasting and stable foundation for you project can be a challenge. Choosing helical piles to support the foundation of your project can be the answer. Engineered pilings are constructed with a hollow steel tube affixed with one or several helixes. These helical plates allow for a more effective bearing load capacity when soil can be problematic. During metal post installation, torque is monitored. If the installation torque is unsatisfactory then extensions can be added to go deeper and provide greater support.

Edmonton Screw Pile Pros are an experienced and expert team of screw pile suppliers. Having been a consistent and trusted contractor in the construction industry for many years. We truly believe in providing strong, stable foundations that will stand the test of time. We are diligent about conforming to architectural standards and building codes. This passion for providing quality craftsmanship, ensures the safety and longevity of all building projects supported by our piling foundations.

As better installation equipment has become available over the years we have advanced along with it, as it is becoming more common in Alberta to utilize screw pilings vs concrete. As the installation equipment advances so does our abilities as foundation contractors. Often providing an economical advantage over other piling alternatives, we can guarantee peace of mind through quality and value.

Our Services

We provide helical screw pile services throughout the capital region and Alberta. Engineered metal posts, installation or even removal. We are equipped to serve any residential, commercial or industrial construction project. With engineered posts available to suit in many applications we are able to accommodate various industries and projects. From backyard decks and fences, professional office projects to even the industrial energy sector, our experts have a superior foundation solution for you, no matter your building foundation needs.

helical ground screws

The versatility of engineered helical anchors means they can meet the demands of almost any structural foundation application. This also means they can be installed in many different types of soils and weather conditions.  Installation of screw-piles is fast and easy and does not disturb the soil. Therefore, they can be installed nearly everywhere and used in every industry.

Ideal for residential decks, cantilevers, fences sheds and retaining walls there are many home project where screw-in foundations can be used. Commercial builds often require cement slab support, tower anchors, sign support and support for light stands. Finally industry applications light foundations for solar farms, wind farms, power transmission towers and modular building. The economical versatility of helical piling foundations means the applications are endless.

helical pier systems in Edmonton

Helical piers insure long lasting stable foundations for all home construction applications. The solid integrity of any home foundation could be made so with our engineered metal post system. Installing metal anchors in the place of traditional concrete footings or added to support concrete pad and foundations has great benefits. It is a fast, economical, efficient and most importantly durable base for any house, deck, retaining wall or shed to be built upon. Also there is no excavating or backfill required with no soil to be hauled away after installation. Whether you need posts for a home itself, screw piles for decks or any other residential project, each piling can be installed with minimal visible impact to the ground or impact to the surrounding area.

commercial screw pile installation

Continuing beyond that of residential jobs, the commercial applications of screw piles are many. This is mainly because of the the affordability and versatility of helical pile installation. Yes, screw piles can be used for foundations much like that of residential projects but while meeting the higher requirements of commercial building codes. The fast and easy installation allows commercial renovators and developers to employ screw pilings for more structures like signs, light standards, roof structures, grade beams, retaining walls and sidewalks. Also their cost effective and quick installation is perfect for larger commercial jobs where profitability and scheduling are key.

Installation of Screw Pile Foundation


Serving the industrial energy sector in Alberta. Steel screw-in foundations have many industry uses that other foundation options do not.

A main advantage on an industrial sites is the the ability to be easily and inexpensively removed or recycled after use. This is ideal for temporary projects where temporary structures and buildings require a foundation that needs removal after the project has been completed. This party trick of the helical pile also enjoys environmental benefits. Where removal is required or soil may be contaminated and must not be disturbed, this is a ideal, non-invasive foundation solution.

Foundation anchor solutions for many industrial projects like: power transmission and cellular towers, wind turbines, solar farms, modular buildings, pipe racks and more. The flexibility of utilizing engineered screw piles for large scale construction projects seems to know no limits. As a deep foundation option and installation that can be done economically and easily, screw piles are a superior choice for your next big job.

“Our deck was slowly sinking. The guys at Edmonton Screw Pile Pros came out and put screw piles through our deck and into the ground to support it. The deck was repaired nicely and the deck was levelled. It has been through a winter and a spring thaw and our deck on the new pilings has not budged. ” – Cassidy W

Ground Screw Piles

“We hired these guys to install screw piles to support a balcony we had put in as part of a renovation job. We needed the to work done quickly and on short notice. These guys delivered. Installation was done the day after I called, bailed us out of a tight spot. Installation met our architectural requirements and we were very happy their work. We will definitely hire Edmonton Screw Pile Pros again and we recommend them to anyone." -Frank T.

For structures that require foundation improvements, to make them both stronger and longer lasting, applying a process known as underpinning will achieve this. If you posses a building with weak or failing foundations, or are renovating a project with a possible new purpose of use, underpinning will be the most economic method to better this. Over time it is likely that the ground below a house will degrade, causing the building to alter its positioning. This has the potential to threaten the stability of the structure and so a solution should be sought. Underpinning is the best and most efficient method to salvage any threatened structure, like this.

screw pile installation

Installing a screwpiles is the quickest, most economical and least environmentally threatening implementation of any type of foundation. They cause minimal disruption to the earth around them, with little to no vibration or effect to the surrounding soil. This means there is no excavating or backfill required.

The hydraulic heads that we use during the project are very versatile. This means helical pilings can be placed anywhere, even in confined areas or through existing pavement and foundations. Also frozen ground is not an issue for our team as we work year round. There are very few situations where screw pilings can not be installed.

helical pile deck foundations
  • Fast Installation. With little preparation or cleanup required
  • Immediate load bearing capacity. Unlike concrete footings, the screw-anchors can be loaded immediately after installation
  • Minimal ground disturbance. As the posts do not displace much soil during installation. The ground in which they are put into is not disturbed leaving the soil more stable
  • Load Capacity Verification. During installation the torque is monitored and recorded. This indicates the soil condition in which the pilings are installed and indicated how much weight the screw pile can hold
  • Increase Load Capacity. In the field if the required installation torque is not met, helical plates or piling extensions can be added. Going deeper with extensions or adding helical plates can increase the torque to meet the engineering specifications
  • No Frost Heaving. As all metal posts are installed below the frost line with the load bearing helical plate typically at the deepest point. Screw piles are resistant to frost heaving
  • No excavating. Because the posts simply twist into the soil there is no requirement to dig or drill any holes. This saves time and money
screw piles vs concrete piles

We always strive to deliver customer the chance to reap the benefits of our products. Our expert team is always excited to meet new customers and get a chance to share our experience and expertise. If you think that we can be the solution to your structural building work, please contact us on the number provided on this website, where one of our friendly customer service team will assist you in organising the most appropriate action. Alternately, please feel free to make use of the contact box, on our website.