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Screw Piles applications

The beauty in using screw piles is in their diversity, there are very few structure types that cannot reap the benefits of using them. Whether you’re needing to use helical piles for residential , commercial or industrial purposes, small or large projects or for a new build or renovations, every one will be stronger and more adaptable for using our products. We don’t believe that there is anyone, in the Edmonton area, who should not be aware of the gain and improvements that we can bring them.

Household Applications
Screw piles can be used in just about any household aspect thinkable, inside the home and in residential spaces. Be it indoor or outdoor, these are always usefully applied and at a cheaper cost and at a quicker timeframe. Pre-construction, screw piles can be used in place of concrete foundations, for the entirety of your house. This will decrease build time significantly and will free up funds for the rest of the build. Its not just the home that helical piles are applicable for, however. From your letter box or lamp post to your clothesline or garden shed, there’s really many possibilities to invoking a strong and sturdy structure on your land.

Farming and Agricultural Applications
Alberta is a province that sees a lot of agriculture, providing for much of Canada. Our services could be of great value to many, within the farming and agricultural industry, as a whole. Screw piles are not only the ideal and most economic foundation type for building fencing, silos or greenhouses, but are also quickly altered if need be. With the fast-changing nature of the agricultural industry and the volatility of the conditions, it may become imperative that your structures need to move, or be altered. Helical piles can be moved and updated quickly and easily, maintaining the ground around them. These could be the ideal solution in adapting to a multitude of problems, as a farmer.

Large Commercial Applications
The uses of screw piles do not stop with smaller scale projects; they are equally useful for those needing a long term and large-scale build. For warehouses and large storage spaces, that need to be built quickly and with a minimal cost, there is no better option to choose than our screw piles. For absolute efficiency and minimal impact to your budget, you will be able to have a stable and secure building put together, without sacrificing on the quality or the integrity.

Whilst screw piles are a brilliant option if you’re looking to begin a new structure, many existing structures have needs for newer or better improved foundations. Our screw piles can be used equally easily, in renovating and extending just about any build. If your home is in need of new foundations, using an underpinning method, our helical piles can be installed without significant alterations to the home and at a fraction of the cost of all new, traditional style foundations. Furthermore, if you’re looking to extend your home, build a decking or terrace or implement a garage, our helical screw piles will be the ideal solution whilst not causing damage or disruption to the remainder of your existing structure.

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