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Screw Piles vs Concrete

When trying to choose a foundation type, there a number of reasons why one may be better suited to your situation, than another. The best way to select the most applicable one for you is by considering its versatility and the given advantages. Screw piles are widely used and are beneficial in a number of circumstances, both residential and commercial, and small and large scale. We firmly believe that the advantages implied when using our helical screws, greatly surpass all other types of foundation and can be used for just about any building purpose, here in Edmonton and Alberta.

Fast Installation
Making use of widely available and averagely sized equipment, our team can arrive and access your building location quickly. When there, installation is a straightforward process with a foundation type that is designed to be easily worked into the terrain. Helical piles can be rotated into the ground without much to hinder them. In a matter of minutes, even the most deeply anchored piles will reach a stable layer of earth below, to be erected. This is beneficial as it means build times are kept to their minimum, which in turn will reduce labour costs and free up more availability in the overall timeframe of your build

Immediate Usability
In the case of the majority of foundations, a wet agent, such as concrete or grouting, is used. Before being able to be built upon, these must dry sufficiently enough to be able to hold the weight of the structure imposed upon them. This could take a number of days to complete and could naturally incur a delay to building. Screw piles are unique in the fact that this is not applicable to them, retaining the ability to be used immediately. This is advantageous because it significantly reduces the amount of time needed in building, particularly beneficial if there is emergency necessity to the use of the structure. Moreover, most soil conditions help to increase the capacity of our piles, over time. This is through aging and a naturally occurring process, known as thixotropy.

Minimal Site Disturbance
Screw piles are remarkable tools as they cause little to no disruption to their surrounding environment and create very little noise pollution during use. With no soil cutting necessary, there is little mess made and no need for an extensive clean up effort on finishing. This is beneficial to both us and our customers, with less labour needed and a decreased labour cost, as a subsequent. Furthermore, installing helical piles causes little vibration within the terrain, favorable for sites that are sensitive to ground movement, as well as structures adjacent or in close vicinity.

Easy Alterations
With helical screws being installed with ease initially, if you needed them removed, that same ease is translated across. Again, only needed to be rotated to be removed, this is particularly beneficial for structures that need to be changed often or potentially relocated. For mobile homes, temporarily used sites or small-scale pieces of equipment, screw piles will be far more useful than permanent and expensive alternatives.

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