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Screw Piles For Decks Installed


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Using Deck Screw Piles In Edmonton

Screw piles or Helical Piers are the superior foundation choice over most other building alternatives in the Edmonton area. If you’re looking to build a foundation for your deck using helical piles, then we can help.

Certified Screw Piles Foundations Are:

  • Economical
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Non-invasive
  • Long Lasting

This makes screw pilings the ideal choice for your next deck project. Our experienced installation crews provide the very best in customer service at a fantastic value.

Offset 8" Flat Cap to mount a deck beam
Edmonton Screw Pile Pros
screw pile installation Edmonton

    The Right Choice When Building Your Deck

    There are several things to consider when choosing to use Screw Piles for your new deck vs traditional concrete footings.

    Screw piles do not require any excavation to install. Concrete piles require drilling a hole, removing that soil and refilling that hole with concrete. The soil that is removed creates the extra task of having to haul it away.

    You can begin building your deck on top of your screw pile foundation immediately after they have been installed. Where concrete footings need additional time to allow the concrete to cure and harden before work can be started.

    Concrete piles are prone to frost jacking. A common issue with concrete piles is that they can crack at the frost line. This crack allows moisture to penetrate the pile and lift the concrete out of the ground when that moisture freezes. Because helical screw piles are made of a welded piece of steel tubing this problem can’t happen. Frost jacking rarely occurs with helical piles. So long as the helix of the screw pilings has been installed well below the frost line, frost jacking can not happen.

    Screw Pile foundations can be installed during a short service call. The average installation usually takes less than one hour. Opposed to concrete which can take significantly longer. Especially when considering the cleanup and cure times that helical piles do not require.

     When you consider the time and cost needed to build concrete piles, screw piles easily become the better option. And when we also consider the longevity and stability in winter seasons, it is easy to see why screw piles are now the new standard in deck foundations.


    Truck loaded up with decl piles near Edmonton

    Having screw piles installed to support your new deck is a fast and non-invasive process. Understanding the installation process can help.

    How large is the machine that's used to install screw piles for Decks?

    Our Deck Piles are installed using a small walk behind skid-steer with a drive head attachment. This machine is 36" wide and can access most backyards through the gate. Our machine is on rubber tracks that do not damage the ground (dry conditions).

    What connects the screw piles to your deck?

    After a pile has been screwed into the ground a cap is placed on the top of the pile. The pile cap is what connects the pile to the beam of the deck. A standard flat cap is an 8” diameter steel plate with slotted holes. Lag bolts can then be driven through these slots in the cap to secure the beam in place. Offset caps are available to allow lateral adjustment of the beam. Adjustable caps are also available to allow for vertical adjustment of the beam after the deck has been built. The threaded adjustable caps can’t be offset.

    How far do helical piles need to be from a house?

    Deck piles have a helix that is 12 inches in diameter. To avoid damaging the weeping tile that surrounds a home’s foundation, screw piles need to be a minimum of 20 inches away from a house. 

    How far do piles need to be from a utility line?

    Piles are required to be a minimum of 1 meter away from the location of an underground utility line. If a utility has been made visible by an approved method screw piles may be installed right next to a line so long as that line is not touched.

    residential deck foundation built in backyard

    Before You Build Your Deck Foundation

    What to know about utility line locates:

    All screw pile installation crews are required by the to work under a valid utility locate ticket. Edmonton Screw Pile Pros asks all customers to obtain and verify a valid locate ticket with us before we schedule a day for installation. 

    Where to request a Utility Locate?

    Home owners can apply for a free utility line locate on the Alberta One-Call website. 

    How long is an Alberta one-call good for?

    Alberta One-Call Utility Locate Tickets are valid for 30 days from when they are issued.

    Are Alberta One-Call Utility Locates Mandatory?

    The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, the Alberta Electrical Utility Code and the Alberta Pipeline Regulation require that the locations of all buried utilities be marked before a ground disturbance begins. This applies to anyone planning to disturb the ground, not just contractors.” - Alberta One-Call FAQ

    “Screw Pile Pros installed piles for my entrance steps. The crew worked professionally, efficiently with good quality and the company issued torque report for my future needs. I am very satisfied with Edmonton Screw Pile Pros.” – Alex Babitski

    screw pile installation

    “Great to work with - we had some delays due to weather and some other items, but it turned out great. They took are to ensure nothing was damaged and that everything was set on time. PS. This is Max's Dad, but the piles were put in for Max's new treehouse!" -Max's World.